Tribute Trapper

My club got this and in the news section of our message section, the one I have now says there is 1 day and over 2 hours left. Under the game thing showing the progress, it shows 34 minutes left so which is right?

We’re having to collect over 1500 of those things. 2 days is not a lot of time but it is better than the normal 24 hours for a task needing a lot of points, etc.

Let us know what happens. I’ve been curious about this time mismatch myself. Our team has another 18 hours before we time out.
Based on the time differential. My guess is the tribute trapper was set up to be offered for Saturday and Sunday, but the event itself would last the normal 24 hours. So I think your time will be up at the end of the 34 minutes.

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It would have been nice if they clarified that. That’s aggravating to lose all those tributes that the members collected. I’m watching it. I’ll let ya know in about another 20 minutes.

It got dismissed because we did not collect over 1500 tributes. What a load this game is sometimes. Post one thing in one place and something different somewhere else

my team missed it too. Too bad, reward was solid.

Ha—I had a “correction” made to my posting today.

Never had that one giving so many gems. I know our club would never get that amount to get so many gems. Would be nice. But some players can’t even get us the 8,000 coins at times.
I would like to see it happen but doubt it will.
I like collecting tributes.

My team was also confused with this as it did show 2 different times for us also.
We went off of the 24hr clock in the quest screen. And got it with 11 min to spare🙂amen.
—tributes refresh every hour and a round of tributes takes like 5/8 mins to play so some of us altered our playing habits by just jumping on every hour to play them until we were maxed…but of course our fast maxers paid to refresh them and get there share out of the way.
It was nice to see a new quest with a new reward.

A lot of our players would do that too but some didn’t have the extra coins to keep refreshing and some just did not play at all. That’s why I wish TriPeaks would set the last hour on these for the whole club to play. The club I’m in had lost out on a lot of rewards cause not everybody plays consistently. Ticks me off too cause they still get rewarded from the perks everybody else completes. Our club leader won’t throw any of them out because of the Covid19 stuff right now. One member had 3 family members that got it.

Sometimes you just need to find another club that suits you better.

I guess it was due to the confusion about how much time this game was for but I just received the gems that were for the game my club did. Cool of TriPeaks to do that. I seen another topic about this where players were confused about it being a 24 or 48 hour game.

They ripped us off again