Tribute shrine constantly red

The tribute shrine has been constantly red and ‘demanding’ tributes for the best part of two weeks now. It only goes down for about half a day and then back to red again. It doesn’t seem to matter how many tributes I feed it. Anyone else experiencing this? It’s very annoying


Yes. It’s been horrible for us, the exact same time frame as yours


Are you the only one playing tributes? When it gets hot I think it takes a team effort to make it go down or ALOT of wins on tributes games as wins make it fall faster.


For us it has been happening suddenly and lasting for hours with no less than 4 or 5 of us attacking it, all hands on deck. It’s NEVER been a problem for us the entire 2 years on my team. We’re top 10 diamond and work really well together. It’s been nuts lately!