Trib quest requirements!

This past week the requirements for tribute quest increased from needing 120 and 25 players to 176 and 25 players. (900 diamonds to 1080 and 9 club pt doubler to 11)

To make matters worse, we have had 3 of these quests since reset this week!

That level of increase is ridiculous. Did anyone else’s team see increases on this quest?


I seen this on my team a few weeks ago but it only happened on one quest (Tribute Trapper the one for gems) and while we were in the legend league.

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What league is your team in?

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Diamond…. We have been there awhile. That is the only one we have seen it in as well.


When I was on a Legend team that happened to us when we moved to top 30. We were completing CQ so quickly that we had tribute quests every 3 days! 176 was brutal and the team slowly broke up. I’ll never do 176 again, impossible to build up wilds & boosters.


Did it ever go down once you stopped doing them?

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I didn’t stick around long enough to find out. :wink: In theory it should drop back down though. I’d sacrifice the Club Doublers Quest to test it out.

Umm congrats?! I would love to be in a team that had 3 in a week.

We are legend and have had 176 for a while but have had 220 also. We missed a tributes for gems but it did not affect the next one as it stayed at 176. Not sure if it will go down as long as team stays legend the numbers stay up there. They milk it for all they can.

I know that the play 95 games, goes to 80 if you miss it (20 players) and have heard they will go down to 70. But of course rewards are not great for that. We tend to exempt 95 games with rewards of WC or Free Plays as they are not worth the amount that must be lost to play.

We skipped one trib quest and it went back down to 120. We did that one so we will see if the next one goes back up

This happens when you keep achieving your quest, as long as it’s completed it will go up, 120-176-220, if you miss your quest it goes back down to your previous amount

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Me also, to be honest. Love tributes!