Tri peaks testers...need compensated!

Testing for Tri peaks Really doesn’t bother me.
But I fell if they are going to use you to better or for worse your game they should consider REWARDING you at the end of the test you produced results for. Iv tested serval times for them and got nothing in return except the glitches that come with there changes, which is getting to be a bit of a bother to me because I was also chosen to test the lost scavenger hunt also,so my game has been a hot mess for several months which is very irritating. And Tri peaks response is “it’s a test and will be fixed shortly” I’m truly tired of being there test subject can’t they just leave well enough alone for a while.
I will be sending a help ticket suggesting they compensate test players at the end of there test… it’s the least they can do…if You are a tester I suggest we all pull together and see if they will reward us for giving them result.


I don’t understand why they can’t have some employees playing this game…to not only check for glitches, but use THEM as test subjects, not true playeres.

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I would guess they need a larger sample size. I believe the big kahuna said there are 40 total employees and probably should be paid to do work rather than playing games even if it’s their own game.

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I agree Tasha I don’t mind testing the games but because you’re trying them your other game goes on the back burner, a small thank you token wouldn’t go a miss .

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