Treasure Shrine

Is there a trick to playing the treasure shrine and winning the jackpot? I’ve played so many times, have come so close but I still haven’t won it. Yet it seems like every time I go in, I’m congratulating a person that has won. I’m now collecting my medallions. I now have 105. I was waiting to get to 100 then try for the jackpot. Now that I’ve gotten that many, I want to collect more. It’s very frustrating bcz I can’t seem to save coins.

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I do the same, collect medallions, it’s great as a back up on rough playing days, a way to get extra coins and precious boosters! I have never saved over 100 though! I think the jackpot is as good as a chance as winning the lottery, lots of players, 1 pot. Sure would be nice to win it 1 day!