Treasure Shrine update needed

Hi all I think the treasure shrine should have something like lucky poi. Everything gets doubled on a special day or maybe changing some of the prizes like the booster. Every time I play it and get boosters it’s always the same thing a shark hook, a bomb diffuser and torch traps. Why not change it to red star boosters, volcano cards or if you dont hit the jackpot instead of wild cards make it interesting and make it volcanoes cards.


I would love love love to see more options in the treasure shrine! Be sure to suggest this to player services!


Excellent idea. Especially volcanoes. However the company strategy seems considerably profit oriented, so notice the shrine prizes are similar to what come free as quest prizes etc. The really valuable ones - volcanoes especially - must be purchased and at a rather pricey rate of over $1.00/ volcano card. Red star boosters show up in my club bonuses - I have even more of them than I do trap torches since I rarely have time to binge play.

I dislike the Shrine. It’s tiresome to play, especially if every other “win” is another medallion. Get rid of it altogether.

True I agree it is tiresome but I think that’s why they should the lucky poi with it :slightly_smiling_face:

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