Treasure Shrine needs an upgrade

Please, for the love of God, fix the Treasure Shrine so that we don’t drop medallions only to receive another medallion- 6 times in a row. And the 2000 slot is a joke, I know the coins are free but gimme a break. Some different boosters would be nice.


@Jill_Doucette, I had to laugh at winning the medallion 6 times in a row - I’ve done that, and it drives me cRaZy!


It would be cool if they flopped the winning around from week to week or added a couple different ones every now and then.


It would also be great to change it up some and throw in volcano cards and wild cards in place of the usual trap and bomb cards.


2K slot drives me nuts


The 2k doesn’t bother me bc it’s like any other slot, but what makes me nuts is the lag time. It takes forever between clicks. And auto function of say 5k and 10k increments would be great. And yes maybe a wave breaker now and then.

Also,I vote anyone who has “guest” or no name should not be eligible for the 1mil. I have played the game a year, and that is unnerving to those of us who play frequently that a person who doesn’t take the two seconds to make a game name wins. And there is no way of discerning if it the same Guest.


I agree give us some wave or a few volcano would be nice. They have the wild, but I just don’t understand why they won’t put in a volcano. Take out the medalons . We don’t need to win it. That is just dumb…lol. So a wave a volcano , a bomb. Would be nice.


Here’s what really bugs me. If you are on a timed booster and you need to obtain some Shrine boosters real quick…it wastes time getting that freaking medallion multiple times back 2 back! Which…BTW…has no value when paying 2500 to begin with just to drop it. Grrrrr…

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That darn medallion and 2000 coins tick me off so bad!! I think if u are paying 2500 coins to drop u should win something. U lose 500 coins every time u land on that 2000 and just waste time on that dang medallion. Grrrr


Agree…it’s a waste of time and a deterrent to even going there.


I agree. “Winning” a medallion is pointless and annoying. It would only be winning if they gave us 2 medallions for our trouble!


That might not be bad. But then we get two so we are ahead one. But we still are really not winning anything…lol
I say throw in a volcano card. I just don’t understand why they can’t or won’t. I mean you never get a chance at it. You can get the trap and shark and bomb. Hardly ever a wave or defroster. So Number 1 get rid of the medalons. 2- put in a Volcano. 3 Let us win a wave or defroster along with the shark bomb and traps.
And 4- change the 2,000 to 2,500 at least.
But hey what do I know…

I’m with ya on all of that. You also make a really good point about changing the $2000 with $2500. I don’t use this feature at all without medallions since I can’t break even.

I collect my medalons. Once in awhile I buy them, when they come in a package. But mostly I just let them collect. And if I’m in a pinch I use them to win hopefully a booster or wild… Free plays are good also because that is enough for one game.


I use the it to get boosters as well

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Lol, so true. Also, the 2k coins are a joke. If you notice just about everytime you hit the free play you will hit the 2k. It’s a trap, instead of you getting a free play for 2,500, instead of 3k, the shrine will give you 2k coins back, keeping 500 coins so you essentially are paying 3k for that free play instead of the 2500 coins.

I agree! I only play when I get the free medallions. If the 2k slot was at least increased to the 2500 needed to play I would spend coins to play.

I use to visit the shrine often, but not anymore. Those repeating medallions are such a time waster. Who has time to keep playing those over and over. Yes, I agree the 2000 slot is a joke!

Agree! Remove the medallion, and the 2K slots and put something in more beneficial, like more wilds, or boosters.