Treasure shrine medallion slot

I would love to see a change to the medallion slots in the treasure shrine. It is somewhat frustrating to get the medallion because it feels like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Making that a red star booster would be really awesome or even a double medallion would make it so much better. Thanks in advance for considering this matter! I enjoy the game a lot!


I feel the same way @Kathi_Exline, drives me cRaZy when I “win” a medallion. Is rather spend my time playing hands lol. I would love red star boosters available on the shrine!


Yes!!! we need red star boosters in the tresure shrine!!!


I look at it a a free play instead of medallion at least I feel better like I won something instead of loss but I feel there should be a hole nother game or board of shrine and instead of wild a volcano card in the booster spot the other boosters. Like sling shot ,hammer ,ext… could put red star in there and still free plays and the (free play )as I think of them lol 2000 slot could still be on there

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I only use free medallions on the shrine I refuse to pay 2500 to win 2000 which happened to me twice when I used coins to buy a medallion

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I agree 100%. The medallion slot is SUPER SUPER SUPER FRUSTRATING. Red star booster would be awesome. Thx for that suggestion

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