Treasure Shrine Jackpot

Personally, feel Treasuer Shrine Jackpot is a ripoff. I’ve been playing TriPeaks Solitare for over 4 plus years and never once have I won the jackpot. Believe it’s a scam to get players to play. I’ve had as many as 50 tries and the little slider will either speed up or slow down as to where the ball doesn’t go into the sliding whatever it’s called. I have quit playing until everyone is given a fair shot at winning. I see players without names or “guest” seriously? I’m allowing the plays to build up and vow never to play again. It’s rigged


I have won the shrine 3 times and hubby has won 2 times so it’s the real thing as far as real peoole winning. With that being said, all 5 wins were done before they did their horrible makeover. Neither my hubby nor myself play it anymore since they changed the odds totally in their favor.


I miss the old shrine. I don’t know how anyone wins now with the way it’s set up. It hardly ever goes to the wild cards or down the middle. At least for me it doesn’t. So I hardly play it. But I use to play all the time, and I did win once.


I also never play the new shrine except when I get free medallions. Not worth the time or coin


Me too. I also thing it’s rigged for the “dealer.”


I only play when I get free medallions. And then often win the 500 coins. Why would I play with my coins to lose coins for a prize? It used to be so much better.


I’ve never won the jackpot after allowing a buildup of charms. Think there’s almost 30 charms I refuse to play them. Change is good but not the jackpot. Somethings Solitaire TriPeaks needs to go back to. Thank you Brenda-Bear for sharing. Stay safe

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