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Nous sommes toujours en tête dans la ligue Diamant. Notre team est française et nous sommes toujours lésés en fin de célébration et nous nous retrouvons toujours rang 7. Est il possible d ouvrir a 5 teams au lieu de 2 pour évoluer dans la ligue ?

Legend = 50 teams.There is only one legend league
12 teams are demoted to diamond each week.
2 teams from each diamond league replace the demoted teams.
This means there must be 6 diamond leagues?
If each of these change to have 5 teams promoted, 30/50 of legend would need to be demoted. Not practical.
Two solutions. Accept your team can only achieve diamond or raise your minimums and recruit stronger players.
You may be lucky one week and get promoted. The hard part is staying there. Look at the legend league points for #37. Can your team do this? If not your stay in legend will be short.
Bon chance. Cherry.x


@Caroline_Plt translated
We are still leading the Diamond league. Our team is French and we are still disadvantaged at the end of the celebration and we always rank 7. Is it possible to open 5 teams instead of 2 to play in the league?

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