Tough cards this week

Since the reset Thursday night and the cards have been increasingly difficult. My team has burned through at least 2-3 times the coin for the same amount of points this week. It makes the game frustrating and a lot less fun. If this is in response to having the hold card last week and winning so easy, we would rather not get the hold card (even though it is so much fun to have). Use the feedback however you see fit. Thank you, as always for providing a game that many people love.

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@Bethany_Gordon Have your team do a bank week. We do this at least once a month. You still play and get at least 5 Perks done, but you play only when you have Free Play and are doing Quests. Also don`t use any Boosters so you collect those too. You can collect roughly 1 million coins and tons of Boosters :grinning:


That really isn’t the point I was trying to make.

It was only a suggestion