Totems start too late to get

Why does the Totem to collect like 30 to win something always start like 10 to 11 pm for me… It’s time to go to bed and sleep

And I agree with the 30 minutes free time person, it starts and lots of adds pop up and play or the welcome or plain too slow to got to next option…

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Welcome to the forum @Granny10
Yes it starts at that time for me also, keep in mind there are players from all around the world …
I dislike it also but I find my staying up late just to feed it a few on reset night
Totally addicted to the game :rofl:


I don’t have the add problem your talking about,
Are u playing on a older device? Iv noticed that a extra acct I have on a super old phone that I don’t play often.

I noticed it on my newest 2nd account, I have ad banners… so annoying! No friend center either! I don’t get ads that pop up, but an ad stays up top of the game like a banner

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