Top three player prizes!

:tada::tada: Thank you TriPeaks for listening! So excited to see the top three club players will receive prizes and recognition for their hard work! They not only deserve it, but it will create fun competition with the group, which will result in even more points… and who doesn’t love a crown? :crown::crown:


I think all the leagues should have a chance at winning something…our team is in the gold league and i have an awesome team…wr r close knit group and we play hard…i think ALL the leagues should ne included


I agree!!! It is the same with our team!


Great idea, it will motivate players to reach the top 3 :blush:


I am in agreement with Rita and Aileen. If you are going to award the top three players who contribute to the team, it should be across the board. All leagues should be included.


Any idea when it starts? I was top of my Club this week and I didn’t receive anyrhing

Looks like this week, but need to be in Platinum club or better. Not really fair to us in a Gold club or worse.


I agree that it should include all clubs… We’re in the wood league and so I guess our top 3 players will only receive a crown…which …hmmm…I guess. But why not include all leages?

I agree!! We are in good league most of the time!

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My club doesn’t get anything for the top 3 players except for the crown! I know this because I am the top contributor in my club and get nothing!

I have been club champ for all 16 weeks and not once have received anything other than a stupid little crown by my name. Another BS line. Seriously, what would it hurt them to throw out a chest or coins or SOMETHING???

Oh! So it is only the top clubs that get prizes for the top 3 club champs?

Platinum league and above.

Our club is in Platinum. When do the games start?


Do you think a crown is incentive enough to work for a top 3 spot?? Really? Rewards would be a better incentive.