Top Player Rewards Problems (and losing other prizes)

Am I dreaming or aren’t the top 3 players in each platinum and above club supposed to get a reward at the end of each perk celebration? I swear I thought I remembered getting an extra wood chest for finishing #1 in my platinum club but nothing for The past 2 weeks. I contacted game support and was told I had gotten ecerything I was supposed to get. Also last time there was a double prize for the red star leader board, I logged in and collected my prize (a coin prize and a gold chest) and some coins from friends. I closed the game and when I opened it back up, ALL of the coins I had just collected (and whatever was in the gold chest) were gone. It was like 75,000 coins. I guess I should be happy they gave me back 56,000 coins from that but I’m starting to feel a little cheated and just give up and delete the game. Anyone else? Wouldn’t be so mad if they wouldn’t have just replied about all of these chests saying I had what I was supposed to have. Because I don’t.

No you aren’t supposed to get a reward for finishing in the top 3 apart from in special weeks and we haven’t had one of those yet.


Wonder when that special week will be…I’m beginning to think that was just a joke…guess I believe it when I see it…lol
But yes they did say on when announced on special weeks!
I think it’s time for a special week.

Yeah i thought the special weeks would at least be monthly but it doesn’t look that way.

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If you finish in the top three, you should get a prize for that particular place. Coins, some helps, something. It’s not easy being in the top 3 all the time.

I never read where it said top 3 players would get rewarded during “special events”. What I read in TP’s post was top 3 players would start getting rewarded for their hard work. Nothing about it having to be “special”. Maybe more clarifying needs to be done by the developers?

I’ve just taken a screenshot of the bit that mentions prizes during special event weeks.

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So only the top leagues are rewarded? That stinks!

Yes, it does. Even if it’s just 1000 coins, people in the lower tiers should get something as well.