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ok got it thanks everyone

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You are mistaken. Tributes do not win Perks, thus chests. Team points win Perks/chests. Yes, playing Tribute games gives you more team points, but does not dictate if you win the Perk or not. Top contributors are earning more points regardless if they are playing tributes or not.

Club points do complete perks. The perks take a certain amount of club points to complete. Perk 1 cost 5000 club points, 2 is 15000 club points etc. Tributes help by increasing the multiplier from I think its .025 per coin to .05 per coin. Tributes also help cool down the volcano, which is their primary function in the game.

This is taken from the FAQ section of this forum.

What is a Perk?

Perks are weekly rewards you and your Club can work together to earn. Every week the Perks reset to a new set of Rewards, like Free Play tickets, bonus Coins, or even Wild cards.

Any Club Points you and other Club members earn will contribute to a Perk’s progress bar. Once the progress bar is filled, all Club members will be awarded the Perks AND a reward Chest at the end of that event.

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Yes, club points complete Perks. Tributes do NOT. Your team can have ZERO tributes and still complete Perks. While tributes will give you more club points (24 extra club points if you get the first tribute, 124 points if you win - or close to those numbers), they are not required.
Here are the amount of club POINTS needed to finish each Perk:
1: 5000
2: 15,000
3: 35,000
4: 70,000 (when it has a Wild card, 80,000)
5: 150,000
6: 300,00 (when it has a volcano card, 350,000)
Extra Perk:
When on Monday with Hold card: 450,000
Tuesday: 250,000
Wednesday: 85,000

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This is completely wrong

This is why this game is so much FUN! There are so many ins and outs to figure out, that keeps the game interesting. And just when you think you’ve figured it out, you learn something you didn’t know…and that’s what makes this forum great!