Top 250 clubs who selects which clubs will be in the 250 category?

Hello im curious to know what teams are meant to be in the top 250 n which ones arent? And bow can the players choose if they want zo play leisurely or competitive? Shouldnt we vet to choose if we want to be in the top 250 clubs or not?

You absolutely can choose what club rank you are! There are plenty of relaxed clubs with no rules and clubs with rules from moderate to challenging. It all depends on your playing strategy, how many club points and tributes you are willing to play daily. By clicking on the discover tab while you are on the game there are thousands of great clubs to choose from. Most will post in their motto what their requirements are, and be sure to read their club notes when you join. You also can post under recruitment that you are searching for a club, just include what your daily play is and you will get offers.