Top 100 team will have openings on Friday

Hi, we will have openings on Friday. 50K weekly quota, 20k by Sunday. read chat. Let us know if you aren’t going to be around or won’t be able to make quota for specific reason. Anyone interested?

I’m interested…will be available when new Perk starts tonight…have good skills…average weekly 45-75k.
Am currently on Bella Fia as Susan…please reply here if sending an invitation.

Susan, I am sorry I didn’t respond last night. Our team decided that we were getting a little burnt out and wanted to enjoy more of the summer, so we dropped our quota to 35K (until Labor Day) and decided not to worry about being top 100 for a while. In September we plan on going back to the 50K quota. If you are interested now - or later, send a request to TikiAsYouWill and let me know by replying to this post. We would love to have you.