time off looking for new players

Time off is looking for new players who can follow club rules…we don’t ask much…4K per week, 50 tributes, complete club quests and dig for gold. Most of us go far above that but our minimums are low. We’d appreciate daily play and players MUST read chat. We have a great team that looks after each other and has a good time! But we need to add to the team and weed out those that aren’t helping us reach goals!


I dont think players want to join a club with one player idle for 4 days, one idle 2 days and 3 people idle for over 24 hrs… Why would any active player want to be in that?? :roll_eyes:

I would start weeding out pretty quickly if I were you

Oh I agree with you! We have been ditching the dead weight and now we have more dead weight. This is why we’re looking for new players! Right now we are low on players so we weee hoping to not ditch a bunch more all at once. Thanks for the input.

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I was on a platinum team but we missed out on too many quests, perks and gems, so I just became a floater helping random teams reach their quests & rewards. I sent a request to join your team after seeing your post.
I am a team player and always max every quest. Should I not meet your expectations then I will graciously leave :relaxed:

We’re glad to have you Sophia! I want to be on a platinum team but I love my club so much that I couldn’t even consider leaving!

Ok yes me too!! But I get so much hell for being a floater. I don’t steal just not enough commitment ugh