Tikis key search

What do you think of the new tiki key search ; one key per game !!! Very costfull. A lot of new types of game to spend more and more I feel. How do you feel about that I am curious.

I’m playing it out of curiosity… took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get all the keys, I did have quite a few games with 0 keys, I don’t every buy more cards to play, but I also had games that had 7,6, 5 so it seems to balance itself out. And honestly had I known it was going to be a scavenger hunt I would not have qualified for the tournament. Seems also it’s glitchy. The 1st time I qualified, 3 shovels, it didn’t activate, played again qualified with 2 shovels.
I’ll judge later on.


Thank you for your reply Stacy. Did the same It took me 2 hours but not worthed. I’ll try it another time before deciding if I play or not in the future. As for the mini friskies rescue, the prizes are not interesting so I just dont play anymore. We have the choice right?

Have a nice day


Hi @Tracy, I am confused by your response. You were talking about collecting Keys, but then mentioned shovels, which is a whole different ball of wax. I appreciate you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @Monique_Laprise
Thanks for the laugh…mini friskies cracked me up!
Have a fantastic Friday! :rofl:

They are frisky lol. I had to collect keys in the horrendous scavenger hunt game in order to play the qualifier game for the competition, which than took me to the competition to play for shovels… and quite honestly my brain hurts thinking back on this… now back to the wine :rofl::rofl:


I didn’t have keys for me to qualify. Enjoy your wine time :heart::rofl:

Cheers tu you ladies :wine_glass::wine_glass:

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I decided not to play for keys this time as I won so few previously. I don’t mind the other scavenger hunts as I at least have an even chance of winning. Don’t like the new digging for gold though. I played 7 games and won none. I refuse to use coins for extra cards though they try to force you to do this. I’d rather concentrate on getting tributes.

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In reply to the digging portion…we don’t force our members to compete nor participate when they do qualify, though it would be nice if they did since they’d get the gems as well. It is frustrating however when members do join every competion and does not ever participate. I have mentioned to our members as well that I much prefer we get our perks completed and that it would be best to compete when we have the golden tiki…and like most clubs some members fail to read notes/chats or has a language barrier, sooo we have members qualifying…lol