Tiki wiki needs new players, gold/platinum 6 perks

Hi, we are a friendly club with regular players that gets 5-6 perks each week. Looking for players 15k plus per week.

I’m a competitive player…always clear tributes first…2nd in current club…love the game. Lots of friends…finish to 3 last week. Love my club but we are down to 16 player. 2who don’t clear tributes…so I’m hunting for club that needs a cheerleader…reads chats does quests 3 or 4 first I’m in tiny mouse if you want to check me out…

Would love to play with this team. You sound like just what I’m looking for. I play till I can’t play anymore. I love teams that work as a team and are like family. I’m not afraid to ask for help and hope you’re not either. Please give me a try. Thanks


Please look us up and join. Love your enthusiasm!

Palau Pete

Palaupete@gmail.com for questions.


Love your enthusiasm!! Please look us up and request to join.


Palaupete@gmail.com for questions.

## spell check!!!
Sorry, Kimba.