Tiki Warriors are looking for new players.

Hi. I am the leader from Tiki Warriors. We are currently looking for 5 players. We 're in diamond league and are quite happy staying there. We have recently lost a few players to higher teams.
Our requirements are 35k weekly quota, 10k by Sat night, 20k by monday night, so basically 5k a day. Must do club quests and use chat. Idle limit is 15hrs but can be negotiated if needed with either myself of Kim the co-leader.
Come and join us. We are a very friendly group and love double gift day. PM me if interested. Thanks


Hi…I’m interested, but I don’t know how to “PM” through here…Probably VERY SIMPLE, but I’m not sure how through THIS blog…Lol…I’m a DAILY player…Daily coin GIVER AND ASKER…I make 99% of ALL Club Quests…I’m on Day 230, in a row…I usually get anywhere from 50-65k/week and MOSTLY play for Tributes…KimberLaws

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Hi kimberlaws. I’m sorry but our club is full at the moment. You sound ideal for our team. If an opening comes up I will let you know. I’m really sorry. :slight_smile:

Hi. Have PM you. I do have a opening at end of tournament.

There will be a number on your picture indicating you have a message. :slight_smile:

Hi there. Our club us looking for daily players. We complete our perks, have fun in the chat room and compete against each other. We laugh hard and play hard. Feel free to look us up…good day is the name of our club.
Hope to see u there.