Tiki Treasures seeking 2 new Players

Tiki Treasures is looking for a couple new Players. Must make 15k by Thursday, play Club Quests, Club Competitions and MUST read Chat. We strategize and communicate via Chat. We do complete all 6 Perks weekly and occassionally, the extra Perk. We are a very friendly Club with a great Leader, Susan UK-No Invites and amazing Co-Leaders…We help one another, by providing Tips to Newcomers and encourage each other. If you are interested, please reply. Thank you

I play everyday until my phone was stolen and I lost my club. I have a loaner now until I get a good one. I’d like to join if you’d have me.

Hey Jarod, Search Clubs, go to Tiki Treasures and look for the one that has Susan UK-No Invites-Team Leader, Bamagirl Nette, GuestCharles, etc. We are a Platinum League team…you can request to join and your name will go in the Leaders “Inbox” and she will take it from there…Thank you