Tiki-Titans needs Diamond Level Players

1 spot open! and possibly more to open soon. Recent joiners are not doing their share. We like to stay in Diamond league, and need diamond league level players.

Tiki-Titans (Diamond league) PLEASE! If you know you can’t follow through with club requirements, don’t join! We want to stay in Diamond league, so if you are not up to club requirements, a lower league may be best for you. 2k in club points before 1st idle, no 24 idle, minimum of 5k a day with exception to Fri and Sat–by the end of Sat : Your minimum is to have is 15k. So 7.5k each of those days. We try to get Goldie early in the game. Presently set at Perk 3-first and then perk 6. usually get Goldie sometime on Saturday. We always get all the perks. Must have 40k by event end. Must max CQ’s (tribute trapper is an absolute must because it requires the whole team) and Chat that you did. MUST CHAT! You don’t have to “be a chatty one”, but you need to communicate at times! Especially if you will be busy for what ever reason, we know life happens. In case you don’t know how to chat: (because there seems to be many who don’t know), To chat you tap the little arrow or 3 dots to the far right side in the middle. Dig competition is optional, but PLEASE if you qualify- please make sure to play it and coordinate digs with members! It is a great group. There are a few clubs with same name. Make sure you put in exactly this:


It is a Diamond league, currently says Quiet One is leader (just holding the horns for the true Leader: Mojo)