Tiki-Titans Looking for daily dedicated players

Presently need at least 2 players. We alternate from public to invite only so please check and see if anything is open, or request invite through game or message me here. There are a few clubs named Tiki-Titans, please look for the one that says: 5,000 club points a day. 2,000 points b4 idle (or you will be removed)
Please read rules. If you don’t think you can follow through with them, I have to tell you right up front that you will most likely be removed. (So don’t be surprised.) Presently in Diamond league. We lost a couple of major players and need someone that can play and keep us in Diamond. We usually complete all perks. Rules: 15k by Sunday. 35k min a week. New members must get 2k club points before 1st idle. No 24 hr idle. Must respond to chat. Must max on club quests and chat you have completed, and the # order that you completed. (1st, 2nd, etc.)

I’ve just left my diamond league team. I can keep up with 5k a day

Hi Hannah. those 2 spots are filled, but I don’t know if they are keepers. I know we have another player, that may be leaving at event’s end. They were here just helping out. I will message you if the spot opens up. We also have a player that’s sick and idle for a few days. Don’t know how long the team is willing to wait out her being idle and to get better, but we are trying. I will keep you posted if spot opens up.

Did you find a team? If you are still interested, a spot may be available tomorrow. Please let me know whether to contact you on whatever team you are on with an invite (Please let me know the team and if you go by another name) or to write another message this way.

Spot was just made available. Don’t know how long that will last. Tiki-Titans (5000 min a day)