Tiki-Titans looking for daily dedicated player(s)

Update 1-7-2020: All slots filled and giving some members a chance. Will change update if slots open up. Currently 1 slot open, but may have more openings. (Trying to give the players that are slacking the benefit of the doubt that it’s due to the holidays…We also realize life happens, just communicate a little about it.) We are currently in Platinum league but use to be a pretty sold Diamond league team. Would like to get back there. Usually complete all perks and until recently all club quests, but again there has been some slacking lately. If you are interested and can meet club rules, give us a try. Rules: 15k by Sunday. 30k min a week. New members must get 2k B4 1st idle. No 24 hr idle. Must respond to chat. Must max on club quests and chat you have completed, and the # order that you completed. (1st, 2nd, etc.) Tiki-Titans