Tiki Sharks Too needs you!

Tiki Sharks Too is looking for several new teammates to help us get back to Platinum after dropping to Gold last week. We need active players who can help with tributes. Weekly minimum is currently 15k, but that will likely increase in the future. We are currently set to public. Please join us!

I am looking for a club that actually interacts and plays together

The Clan is looking for one person to join our family :slight_smile: we are currently a platinum team rebuilding.We require 1,000 points before idle and 3,000 club points daily. The dig is optional for members but we will be reviewing this weekly and normally get 1st or second​:1st_place_medal: we get all 7 perks​:moyai:and we also enjoy chatting and helping each other. We like to help players coin build and aim to complete all club quests :purple_heart: