Tiki_scotland URGENTLY looking for 3 strong players

Tiki_scotland - We are a Diamond team, sometimes Platinum.
Looking for 3 strong players who can score anything from 70k upwards in a week.
Must be genuine in looking to join us for the long term.
Must play daily.
No idle +18hrs unless advised with leader or co leaders.
Must complete ALL CLUB quests asap. (Mandatory)
Must play TRIBUTES.
Be of positive, friendly & helpful nature.
Must communicate and acknowledge on CHAT.
Treat all team players with respect.
DIGGING; If you qualify to dig, it becomes MANDATORY to play all 7 turns and in an orderly manner, as soon as you dug a hole, communicate location on chat. No more than 3 open holes at any time on 1st day, Then 1 hole at a time on 2nd day.
We are like a friendly little family, we play, laugh, chat & cry together. No nastiness is tolerated.
We ALWAYS get ALL 6 perks. Golden tiki on Saturday, latest early Sunday and all 6 perks completed late on Sunday or latest Monday morning!
We complete perk 7 with time to spare 99.99% of the time!
DO YOU HAVE WHAT WE NEED?? Then please join us!
Tiki_scotland will welcome you as 1 of our family! :wink: dated 8 May 2021 time: 1:10am.

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