Tiki Clan - New Team - Currently Rookie Status - First 4 players will be Co-Leaders

I started a new club today called Tiki Clan - I am looking for strong active players who want to have fun. I want to take this rookie team to a Gold Level quickly and possibly higher if we can. I play to win and want my team to feel the same way.

Players will be expected to hit at least 7k each week once we are at 25 players, but 15k+ is preferred. The teams should “friend” each other to ensure the coins are available for our players through the share option. Players who disappear without warning for 3+ days will be removed.

Hope you will join me in forming a solid team of active fun players who are not into any drama.

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@Silken_Nan welcome to the forum, good luck with your newly formed club. :grinning:

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Good luck with starting your new club. It’s tough work with so many wanting to do the same. Have you thought of looking for a club that suits your needs. It may be easier. :slight_smile:

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Thank you both! Actually our team has gotten off to a great start. We have 20 active members right now, which is good because I had to remove lots of people once they stopped being active for 2 days.

We are now in the Wood League and headed for Stone at the end of this round currently holding 1st last I checked, but we have someone we are neck and neck with… but again we are on track for promotion. We ended up away 171k last week as Rookies with roughly 20 players.

I think we are on our way to good things!


Update - we hit platinum thanks to some amazing teammates!