Tiki Central looking for new members!

we’re a gold group trying to rebuild after losing several players. At full strength we go between gold and platinum. Picture shows our club rules. We usually dig but it’s optional - must max cq if digging, one hole at a time.

When looking us up there is another by the same name. We’re currently gold and my player name is Sunshine. Hope to see some new players soon! :blush:

Hi i belong to a gold club, i used to be in a platinum club, but my schedule wouldn’t allow me to compete enough. Im now in a gold club which ive been for 6 months. The club leader is great but the members never play together or they don’t follow the rules. One time they dug at least 20 holes looking for gold, without ever finishing one. This last dig we came in last place with only 3 bars. I almost always max the cq. I get more then enough perks. Im interested in joining your club. Let me know

I just got an email from frank Hutton. Is he part of your team