This Diamond League team wants YOU! [Updated Feb 8th]


Club Soulmate is currently looking for a few extra members.


  • Everyone leading beside me is a wonderful encourager and we work together well!
  • We do not ask anyone on the team to do anything that we are not willing to do ourselves.
  • We play hard and as leaders, we abide by the guidelines on top of serving the team.
  • Our Club was in the top 3 on the Platinum Leader Tournament Board this week and most of this week remained in the #1 spot. We stayed there with a solid 60K lead only sliding to #2 in the last hour and a half.
  • We are now playing the Diamond League!
  • We finished all Perks (1-Surprise/Extreme).


  • We do not accept Guests. You must have a name before applying or you will automatically be deleted as an applicant.
  • Read the Club Notes and respond when necessary.
  • Introduce yourself immediately in chat if you are approved.
  • 12K by Sat/45K by tourney end.
  • We require 100 Tributes by Sun/300 Tributes by tourney end.
  • If idle over 24 hours without notifying leadership in advance, it is grounds for immediate removal without warning.
  • Play perks in order. No skipping.
  • Unlock the Club Gift DAILY so everyone can enjoy the benefit.
  • Play your part of each Club Quest before it deactivates.
  • These standards may change but if or until they do - they are the standards we uphold.

We do not remove team members without giving them ample reminders and time to correct whatever guideline(s) they are not maintaining unless otherwise mentioned in the guidelines. Leadership follows their progress. If they do not take it seriously and leadership concurs with the removal, it will take place within an hour AFTER the tournament ends to give the member time to log in to receive their perks from the tournament but doesn’t allow them too much time to invest in the coming tourney only to be callously removed. We do care about those in our group, even if they have to be removed from our membership. We never enjoy removing anyone from our team and avoid it if at all possible. Removal is really up to the team member - not us.

We maintain a Facebook page for anyone who wants to friend other team members for the purpose of getting free gold or just to share ideas and get info fast if we are losing a lead and need help fast, etc. (We do explain there how to add friends to a restricted list if you don’t want them to see things on your personal page.) It’s also a good place for us to place polls and other things so we can run ideas by our team and get feedback on what they would prefer. We are always open to hearing people’s thoughts and concerns as well as making changes that will better everyone.

The biggest thing is that we are all part of a team. We play together - we win together. We don’t want a few people doing all the work while everyone reaps the rewards. “Many hands make light work.” If you believe you can honor these standards, we would love to have you.

You MUST private message me with the information below or I will not know how to send you an invite so please be sure to send it to me. Thank you so much!

  • Your Player Name (so I can look for you in your club to send the invite)
  • What Club you are currently in or I won’t know how to find you (be specific with capitalization and spelling as it is case sensitive)
  • Is there anything that would ever prevent you from playing daily and/or meeting any of the guidelines mentioned above?

Thank you so much for hanging in there and reading all of this. We take this game very seriously and we treat our team members with respect and care. They are like a second family to us. This is a great game with a lot of great people and we hope to meet some more of you there!

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I am looking for a new club and your rules sound exactly what I am looking for. I have earned enough coins that I don’t mind playing extra perks if I can get them for under the 3000 and if needed I will buy them anyway.

@cw11240 Carol, we would love to have you join us! Please search SOULMATE under Discover Clubs in the app and send a join request. Let me know your username on there and I’ll approve you. :slight_smile:

Hi I requested to join as well!

Please adopt me! I’m in a club with only 4 active members and nobody ever unlocks perks etc. I’m currently number 5 on the stone leaderboard (330 red stars this week) and I play every day.

Hi @Katy_Bates! I sent you a message. We would absolutely be thrilled to have you! Just check out my message and I can’t wait to hear back from you! Thanks so much! ~ Jeannie