theTiKiLounge [gÖld... sömetimes Platinum]

theTiKiLounge’s “ideal” Player :raised_hands:t4:

  • Reads & acknowledges Club Notes/Rules after joining
  • Meets or exceeds our weekly minimum requirement of 125 Tributes & 12k Club Points
  • Uses Chat in the following situations:
    • If unable to meet minimum weekly requirements
    • Whenever a Club Quest is maxed
    • During Club Competition/Dig
    • If you have questions or if you just want to chat :-]
  • Likes to play daily [Max idle time of 3 days is available when needed but not to be used too frequently, for example, every couple of days. We don’t expect anyone to play several hours a day unless that’s what they want - all we ask is that you make steady progress towards meeting our Club minimums by end of Reset every Thu and help out with CQs (w/an emphasis on the Tribute CQs) :pray:

More About theTiKiLounge:

  • Top 10 Gold team [Occasionally Platinum]
  • Perk Order: 1-2-6-3-5-4 with Goldie by Monday [sometimes Tuesday]
  • Club Comp/Dig Rules:
    • Competition is optional but if you qualify, then digging and working on team CQs is expected
    • Do not dig random holes all at once
    • Work w/rest of dig team for best results [i.e. Focus on 1-3 holes at a time until they hit gold before digging new ones, use Chat, and take turns digging]
    • If unable to earn shovels, please notify in Chat; Removal occurs for repeat non-diggers
  • Club Quests: We don’t expect to get them all, but that’s OK! We (the leaders) don’t get mad about it, we just move on to the next one :wink:
  • We have 3 Helpers available to help complete Tribute CQs & other select CQs
  • We also have our own Rest Club w/minimal rules for when you need an extended break w/up to 14 days of idle time allowed

More About the Leaders of theTiKiLounge:

  • just jÖ (that’s me :grinning:), Jodi (:star_struck:), and Bill [:crazy_face: he’s always changing his name but you can normally find him in the #1 spot on our team - he is extremely loyal so don’t bother trying to take him away from us haha]
  • We are an ambitious and competitive bunch, but we are also completely understanding when things come up - you just have to let us know in Chat :hugs:

If we sound like the kind of Team you’d like to be a part of & you’re able to meet our minimum requirements, just send a request to join. We do try to approve requests as soon as we see them so don’t forget to check your inbox to complete the process.

At the moment we have 1 opening… If it says we are full, it may be because we have one or two of the helper accts in there which we can remove if needed. Thanks for reading and best of luck in finding the right Team! :grinning:

:speaking_head: Update: We have one spot open at the moment. Our requirements are an easy 12k club points and 125 tributes per week. Please read our Club Notes if you decide to join and let us know you read the rules. Would love to have a daily player who helps with club quests and uses Chat to communicate with the team when needed. Leadership team is fully understanding if things come up - just use Chat to let us know :upside_down_face:

Scroll up to see more details on our Team and feel free to send me a DM if you have any other questions. Thx! :grinning:

:speaking_head: Update: We have been holding onto one of our players hoping he would come back but we haven’t heard back in 11 days :pensive: so looks like we will have an open spot at reset

We are looking for someone who tries to play daily, doesn’t mind using chat when needed, who likes to play tribute levels and helps out with club quests to the best of their ability. We are currently in Platinum but will be going back to Gold next week. We excel in Gold but we do love to chase Platinum :grinning:

I included screenshots of our updated club rules as well as our dig board for those of you who like to participate in the dig competition so you can see how well we work together (our dig strategy can be found in club notes once you join)… No random holes!! :raised_hands:t3:

Scroll up for more details on our team that I might have missed here and let me know if you have any other questions. Thx for reading!!

LOVE your posts! I don’t need a new team, but if I did, I would choose yours!

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