theTiKiLounge: Active Players still Needed

theTiKiLounge is still looking to fill several spots preferably with people who play regularly (4+ days/wk). We are currently Gold and working hard to keep moving up but we really need some extra help :]

::::::::::::: Minimum Requirements ::::::::::::::

  • 7k/wk (but if you can do more than that, we seriously need you on our team!)

  • Must play tributes and help out with club quests

  • Participates in dig competitions (we usually get 8 people who regularly qualify but we need more to help out)

  • Must read club notes and check chat for help requests from the team

  • Players idle 3+ days without any msg in chat will eventually be removed

  • Change name if Guest

We don’t expect teammates to notify us when they max CQs because I hate micromanaging. I trust everyone to do what they can to help out :] We also have a generous 3 day max idle because I know we all get busy with other things from time to time. Just let us know in chat if you need more time otherwise we will assume you are AWOL. Overall, we are a very friendly but also a very motivated team. If you think you might meet our requirements, check us out. The group is usually public, but if it’s private then just send us a request to join :]

[: jO :]

I’ve tried to look up the group but haven’t found it. I’ve only found idle groups. Im a gold player in in k8s club and we keep going from gold to stone.

Hi @cjfarr04 I tried looking up k8s club but I don’t think I have the right one. Our grp name is theTiKiLounge. What’s your player name?

My player name is Jeanne and I have monkey falls monkey drawing as my pic.

Is your username Joannee365? I could friend request and go that route…

I would like to give your club a shot. I have low vision, so please be patient as I play. My name is Nick in the game. I’m currently not in any club. thanks!

hi @nick_oswald I just opened up a spot if you’d like to send a request to join :]

I submitted a request to join. Thank you!

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Hi do you still need members? I want to move to a club that likes to do the digging comp, I am in a good club but they don’t do Comp. cheers, Aussie

@eonsvc hi, right now we usually only have about 7 or 8 people who try to qualify for the dig but I would love for more people to give it a try. if you still want to join knowing that we haven’t qualified for the dig yet, let me know and i can make space for you.

Hey sure I don’t mind would like to give it a try thanks :blush:

@eonsvc send a request to join or let me know your club name & player name so i can send you a request :]

Just sent a Request!

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I’d love to join a group that actually has people that participate. The group I’m in now i don’t think we have ever gotten the gift and the dig only have gotten to play twice. I am a daily player and I contributing alot.

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Hi @Shawna_Duby_Spence. We just got our first club gift yesterday lol and haven’t gotten enough people to do the dig yet (we are still 3-4 people short) which is why I keep recruiting for new people when others are idle 3+ days. I have one player who has been idle for 2 days so if they hit the 3 day max then there will be an open spot available sometime tomorrow. We definitely need people like you who want to do the dig and help us claim the gifts so I will keep you posted in case you still want to join us.

Ok that would be great, thank you!

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We just opened up a couple more spots and would like to add up to 3 more Solitaire TriPeaks addicts to the team ;]

More About Us: We are a highly motivated and friendly group currently in the Gold league. We have only been together for about 3 or 4 weeks so we’re still trying to build a group of strong team players. We only remove players who are idle 3+ days without any kind of notification in chat. We usually complete the first 4-5 perks but would love your help to earn all 6 and then some. We also finally qualified to do our first dig and have been pretty good at communicating during the dig (yay!) We don’t require you to chat if you don’t want to but we do want you to read the chat if the notification bubble pops up during gameplay.

If you would like to be part of our friendly, helpful and stress/drama-free group, please check out the minimum requirements at the beginning of this thread and send us a request to join. We would love to have you :]

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We have one spot available (2 more may open up soon). We’re looking for daily players, however we do have a max idle of up to 3 days for when players get busy with life stuff (if you need more time, all we ask is that you say something in chat). We’re pretty relaxed with the minimums as long as you make a noticeable effort to add to the overall club point and tribute count. So if you’re a daily player who checks chat during gameplay and you don’t mind getting reminders when there are freebies on FB, send us a request! :]

Hi it’s me again :grin:, we’re still looking for the right players to join our team :pleading_face:

If you like to play daily but would like the flexibility of being able to take up to 3 days off every now and then, if you check chat as needed during gameplay and can contribute at least 8000 club points or more per week and you play tributes, then please check us out.

We are still in the Gold league but need some help completing Perks so if you can contribute more than the minimum 8k/wk and you like to play tributes, we would greatly appreciate having you on our team :raised_hands:t4: We do the dig competition and are pretty good about communicating through chat.

Any other questions, pls let me know! We have 2 very awesome and helpful co-leaders and I’m a also pretty cool leader if you ask me :upside_down_face:

I hope to see you on our team :]

Jo we sure could use a few more good dailies on our team!!! From what I see, there’s about 5 that could be removed to make room for those willing to work for the rewards we reap as a team.