There should be a way to reduce motion of the game screen

I have quite shaky hands, so whenever I play this game I almost get sick from the cards moving as the phone tilts a certain way. Not sure of the actual name of this feature, but there should most definitely be a way to turn it off.

I’ve gone into my phone settings and turned on reduce motion, but it didn’t apply to the game. I’m on the verge of finding a new game because I get motion sickness just looking at it.


@Erika_Nichole_Sander , boy thats got to be a tough challenge. Im going to Flag this message to gets the staffs attention.

Hi Erika,

I’m so sorry to hear this. I imagine you’ve tried playing the game on a stable surface to reduce the motion? It is part of the game, and it’s not something that we’re likely to change, as the motion does add to the overall gameplay experience. Are you playing on a phone or a tablet?

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I think many players would disagree about this adding to overall gameplay experience. Or disagree that it improves gameplay experience. I have chronic migraines and the excessive background movement often makes me feel motion sick. I have several family members who also play this game and they couldn’t care less about the background movement, they wouldn’t care if that feature was disabled. It certainly doesn’t seem like it would hurt to offer an option to turn the motion down or off, similar to turning music/sound effects off.


Seriously, the motion should be turned off. I have migraines too. Plunder Bay makes me seasick! A rocking boat adds nothing to the game but queasiness. We had a player who couldnt play much in February when the hearts came falling down, rising up. We were afraid it would change every month (clovers, eggs, flags etc) so glad it didnt. This game is wonderful for those with disabilities. Please help the sensory impaired and STOP the motion.