TheFlyingMonkey needs players!

A once-great club is looking for a few good members! A while ago our leader went MIA for several months & with no co-leaders at the time no one could remove inactive players & membership dwindled, but we’re coming back! Play at least a few times a week, help w/quests, click on the free gift, chat & change name from “guest” so it’s easier to chat! You know, just the basics!


Dax is interested. How do I change clubs. I’ve been with the same one since I started playing the game a month ago🙋🏿‍♀️

Also interested! I’m a daily player in a laid back club, but nobody seems to want to click on the free gift - and the last two Tribute Trapper quests fizzled. Gems are where it’s at, IMHO.

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay. To join a new club: click on clubs, then your clubhouse, then the discover tab, search for TheFlyingMonkey, click on the club, click join button. Look forward to having you as members!