The Runaways looking for some new players

Looking for some new players that can do 80k minimum a week. We have 3 openings…please request to join if you can do this commitment. If you think you can I think you can too!! We believe in our team mates and encourage each other!!

We average about 20th place …trying to get more members that can make us get up there!!

We are looking for a player who can meet the following requirements/

Friday is 8k+ minimum -
80k weekly minimum but prefer more
24 hour max idle
Must Chat
No one named Guest can join
Must be in a club so I can see you past scoring history - please only send request if you scored 80k+ a week
No club hoppers - I can tell if you request and have not been in your current club long and have very few points. We don’t want to be a stepping stone for anyone to join, collect and join a better ranked club the next day.
Send request to The runaways. Last week we were 20th