The nut house is looking for new nuts!

Fun and casual group looking for new team mates who like to engage with the team! Looking for players that enjoy the Club Competition and know how to dig. Hoping for daily players but understand that life gets busy. If you haven’t played for more than 24 hours without notice you may be removed. Looking to stay comfortably in the gold league. Come check us out at The Nut House if you’re looking for a fun active group!

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Thanks for accepting me! I may need some help in understanding everything, but I think I’ve got this :heart_eyes:

Yay Pam! Thanks for joining The Nut House! It’s a great team. Just ask if you have questions. The club rules are in the club notes. We are all pretty laid back. No worries if you can’t achieve something in the club notes. Life is more important than the game! But just try to communicate. Communicative players that work as a team is all we are aiming for!

Thank you, Lori. That is reassuring. My former team was “Laid Back” which was good for me at the start. I just wanted a bit more, Club Quests for example. Also, I need another relay partner.

Are you still looking for daily players? There are two of us looking for a new team

Thanks for the interest Sandi! We are looking for one more to round out our great team at the moment.

Hi SandiWe have 2 spots open if you are still interested! :blush: