The New Treasure Matching game added

The “Treasure Matching” challenge cost too much to get 1-3 clues. Has anyone else played this yet? What are your opinion?

Played both times it was available and both times game crashed when I purchased more hearts which cost .99 cents each time so lost money and couldn’t get past 3rd game. It also cost 3000 coins to play and does not take any free plays you might have. So add up 3000 coins x 6 and lost money on hearts x 3. Otherwise it was fun to play.

I’ve played Don’t Like It

Its really too bad you don’t get points while playing!

Not a fan. Cost too much.

Yes ive played both times. I like it but 3k is too much. That’s the cost of a game where we could be winning club points.

I agree! Shouldn’t cost 3000 for so few clues, no points won unless you advance to Level 3 I believe?? Idk i can’t get past Level 2! Hahaha and also the more cards added with the same amount of clues as the lesser ones should either add more clues or more hearts…

I absolutely loved it, a teammate mentioned she received it a 2nd time a couple days ago. I would love to have it again!!

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Really like that game

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Haven’t seen it on my game yet

You will, I’m sure @Teresa_Cooper!

Loved it. Played it multiple times the one day I got it. My husband got it 2 times and got a lot more coins from it then I was able to. Wish I could play again!!

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I played it I like would love to play again

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Why no match game this week?

Can we have the match game back to twice a week? This is a huge help! I don’t like the 50 gold stars that replaced one of the match game days. I do like the new version of match! More prizes are always great. I love love love the match game!

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I refuse to try playing this again. . A waste of time and coins! GSN you’ve done it again. Ruining the game for all. Pay attention to your members! I’m ready to leave and so are several I’ve talked to and read.

I hope everybody realizes that GSN has added a lot of “extras” this game to fill time, or whatever. We all have the choice to do these extras or not. I don’t do red stars, but a lot of people do. If you don’t like it, don’t do it, & just enjoy the the parts you do like :slight_smile: