The New Gold Star Chest!

Well, it’s about time someone agrees with me! Especially, now that I’ve gotten a couple they are giving me tribute games on which I have no desire to play and win, anyway! And I’m not liking that about this feature too!

And, NOW GUESS WHAT? My Gold Star Chest has Disappeared!! BUT I Still have it on my Other Account which is on my
Tablet! And I don’t mind advancing on that, one! I guess Tripeaks must have read my Post! And figured that since I wasn’t interested in Advancing ? Is that WHY U TOOK MY Gold Chest Away??

@Cindi_Key, we’re just players helping players here. If you need to say something to TriPeaks, the best way is to submit a ticket. In the game, tap on the Menu icon (top left corner),then Help, then Contact Us at the bottom of the screen.

As far as the Gold Chest goes, it’s still in the testing phase, and not available to everyone. I only have it on one of my four devices.


@CindyLu how are sure the gold chest is still in test… it’s now posted in the FAQ.

you have reach the level b4 u can get it.

I agree about the rewards. Not so good.

OMgosh, ok that explains that. I am not up to level 180 on those 3 accounts. Thank you @Tasha

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I LOVE IT! It’s basically an extra reward between catching Poi. You have to collect as soon as it reaches 15. Up to 2 gold stars will roll over to the next set of 15. I get an avg of 10-12k coins and a free game or bonus card. I only wish I weren’t so far along. Plus it gives me incentive to get those stars I missed the 1st time through the levels.

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I personally don’t work on this chest. Have my hands full with red stars and quests!

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I try to get it on Sunday’s when you get double rewards if you catch Poi. Gotten 2 chests so far. Not impressed with the rewards either for all the prayers that go into winning the game. I have to spend money for boosters often to win those 4-5 games. So the return is not worth it.


Offer of the day diamond chest for 50 gold stars good for 24 hrs, not sure that’s a great deal tho, I’m guessing I would lose more then I gain. Being on shipwreck shore there not the easiest to pass and I wasn’t sure I wanted to advance… nice of them to offer a better chest but 50 stars … would more then likely cost me at least 51000 and that’s wining every game which we all know that not going to happen.

i agree i’m not going to advance to win a empty chest i won once and stopped advancing because the games gets harder

Yeah I wish I hadn’t advanced into tiki seas. The levels are hard almost have to use a boost or volcano card to pass most of em. Now all my tribute games show up there. Is there any way to have tributes show up elsewhere?

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As far as I know tributes are totally random