The "Name Marina's Paintings Contest!"

Since Marina has been sheltering in place, she’s been working on her “Sea Paintings” - that is, artworks created with things like seaweed, coral, shells, and other underwater delights.

Well, she sent in 6 photos of these paintings to the Tiki Island Museum of Underwater Art, and now she has been given a Virtual Museum Opening!

ONLY SHE DOESN’T HAVE NAMES FOR THESE PAINTINGS! OH NO! Frankly, she has poured all of her creative energy into creating them. She needs YOU to look at her paintings and come up with names - they can be funny, clever, thoughtful, etc… and it’s a CONTEST! You don’t need to cook or be crafty, you just have to try naming one through 6 of the paintings!

What do you win? Well… here are the basics:

FIRST PRIZE: There will be 7 First Prize winners, one from each category, who will receive 500K Coins, 5 Wilds, 3 Volcanoes and 5 of each boosters.

SECOND PRIZE: There will be 7 Second Prize winners, one from each category, who will receive 400K Coins, 5 Wilds and 3 Volcanoes.

THIRD PRIZE : There will be 7 Third Prize winners, one from each category, who will receive 300K Coins, 5 Wilds and 3 Volcanoes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may only enter ONE Title per painting. If you enter more than one, all of your entries will be disqualified. So, narrow your best ideas down to ONE entry and all will be well.

See the full rules here: The Official 2020 “Name Marina’s Paintings” Contest!

You will find each of the paintings here within the forum here:

Name Marina’s Art: “Untitled 1”

Name Marina’s Art: “Untitled 2”

Name Marina’s Art: “Untitled 3”

Name Marina’s Art: “Untitled 4”

Name Marina’s Art: “Untitled 5”

Name Marina’s Art: “Untitled 6”


Sounds like fun! :smile: :heart:


Tiki waves und Dali tiki und Warren tiki und sundowner und tiki rabbit

One eye tiki, tiki waters, pics of many, tranquility, evil bunny, sands of time

1 Tiki Eye 2 Floating Time 3Quadruple Marina 4Tiki Sunset 5 Bunny Delights 6 Underwater Delights.

Twisted tiki, tiki gone fishing ,Dragon ball tiki, tiki sunset,dark heart rabbit,tiki beach

  1. Oh! Those jumbled days… 2. Chillin Time! 3. Reflective Me. 4. Calming moments. 5. Beautiful Integration. 6. Surreal Serenity…

Top 25 club ,Juniper

Pamela Chieffallo
Painting#3 four corner/Oceans of the world.

Pamela Chieffallo
Painting #4 Tequila :sunrise: Sunrises.

Pamela Chieffallo
Painting #5 Tiki Wiki Hare

I) You gotta leave me. 2) Captain’s time delight. 3) The four faces of Pele. 4) I’m going down. 5) Bunny you should say that. 6) The undersea world of Jacques Turtle.

1 here’s looking at you, kid
2 time is an ocean
3 quadrophenia
4 a shell set
5 bunny sea slug
6 totally sick, dude

1 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
2. A day in the life for sea animals
3 Dont judge me for my color we are all unique
4. Paradise iin waiting
5. The Bunny Stare
6. Nature can be our best friend or worst enemy


  1. A Tale of Two Tiki’s 2. Underwater Barage 3. Four Corners of Beauty 4. Tranquility at Tiki Island 5. Happiness within a Bunny 6. Simple Treasures Under the Sea
  1. Peeking Tiki
  2. No Dilly Dalí-ing!
  3. Shot Marina
  4. Under the Tlkl Sun
  5. Shelly Buns
  6. It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

#1 Tiki Divided #2 Shape of Time #3 Undetwater Shadows
#4 Perfect Sunset on the Beach #5 Sea Creatures Joined
Together #6 Sand and Shells. Donna Quinn (Busy Bees)

  1. Eye to eye tiki
  2. Time on my coral
  3. 4 tiki seasons
  4. She’ll sunset to Marina
  5. Undersea bunny
  6. Turtleflauge

För eher Love, Sea World, 4 Seasons, Sun down, Rapid Cry, Turtle beach