The musketeers looking for a new members

Looking for Strong members to add to our club “The Musketeers” !25k a week min, 100 tributes and 20 idle. We like to chat and have fun! If you’re looking to join a group and you can handle the minimums, we’d love for you to join! We are a new club, that formed due to frustrations of only half a team playing to minimums, we will be strict on this but this will also mean that we will get all the perks every week, our top 4 players are doing 30-60k a week. If you want to be part of this
Leave a comment if you’re interested. You must leave your Game name and current club for us to find you.

Name is Wade and I am in the Club “Freak Out”. I would love to Join!

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Hi wade but you be comfortable with the minimums

Sorry that should say would you be