The game in biased

The game is stealing coins even if you win the level!!!

Level 55 in Tiki Beaches costs 3000 coins to play. (or 2850 coins after completion of perk 6). The level had tributes when I played it. I won.

However, 2, 977 coins that I won is less than the cost to play! The game is turning into a money-grab. I hope it gets immediate attention.

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In addition, perk 5 completion should be giving +10% completion coins. However, perk 5 reward was not applied.

In Nov 2018 Sony bought GSN. Since then, they have:

  • reduced the rewards for your daily personal quests (earn 10 reds for 4k; find 92 spades for 2 free plays; play 15 games on an island for 2 or 3 boosters; etc)
  • reduced payouts on MANY, Many, many levels (especially Glowing Grotto and Mermaid Manor levels)
  • reduced payouts on quite a few levels so much that when you WIN you still LOSE COINS.
  • reduced the rewards in the chests
  • reprogrammed the shrine so you can almost never hit anything but the 500 slot. (On the old shrine, the free Medallion was where the wilds are now and you would hit the Medallion slot about 80% of the time.)
  • removed the ability to send/collect 60k coins via Facebook daily
  • started making level payouts lower for new accounts vs old accounts (I have three accounts and I can play the same level and the per card streak payout is less on the newest one)
  • made nearly every daily challenge quest a trash can hunt that costs waaayy more than it pays (they even changed this from x number of coins or x number of a suit to only giving 1 to 3 hunt items per level)
  • made the hands much harder to win. It’s really bad when they’re about to release Double gifts or mini tikis - you can play 30 hands before winning one.
  • reduced the prizes for the daily challenge quests to be only 1 or 2 wilds or 1 volcano or 6 boosters (you use to be able to go for 5 or 10 wilds or 3 or 5 Volcanos or 15 boosters depending on the number of x suit or x coins you wanted to commit to.)
  • took away the treasure match game (lots of boosters and wilds)
  • took away the ability to double your thank you coins for gift boxes
  • started forcing ads between levels for some accounts
  • reprogrammed the payouts for the daily ads (watch 5 ads - first 4 are coins and 5th is a wild) so they almost never pay more than 2,500 coins (usually under 1k)
  • and overall made the game more about getting you to pay to play than about you having fun.

There’s a lot more that I just cannot think of at the moment.

There are a few good things they’ve done:

  • mini tikis now count towards club points (not quests)
  • the dig is ok sometimes. My team has not dug up an 18 bar hole since the third competition.
  • the club point doubler is neat
  • they took the X off the gift box so you have to hit thanks (yeah, people would close it without hitting thanks and you wouldn’t get the thank you coins for it)

Sony is in this for the money and they care nothing about the players or the player experience, unfortunately (we all know they could certainly afford to care). GSN cared about the players and it showed.

3 more good things: 1) Roko power ups, currently in testing phase and 2) tribute trappers club quest 3) booster cards directly in some games on Tiki Beaches.

But ill take all the negatives for rescure missions definitely my favorite part of the game.

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Rescue missing works very well once perk 6 is unlocked and each game starts with Gold Tiki card. It is also an excellent way to get the star bonus bash (collect 4 stars chest)

Just do not forget to keep an eye on volcano and doing tribute game every few games.