The Big Kahuna Speaks! 8/6/18!

The Big Kahuna responds to your questions here: The Kahuna Speaks! 8/6/18

Discuss the column below. :slight_smile:

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For the last 2-3 weeks many players in our club have had big issues with the game… Not loading, Coin exchange, not getting their rewards… players are super frustrated and no one is getting ANY answers or help! I was shocked to see this not addressed by the Kahuna! It is clearly not just our team as I have seen multiple others with same issues posting on the FB page…Come on and fix the issues PLEASE!!!

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Have read and reread this “Big Kahuna Answers” and am very disappointed. As players, we suggested many, many options that would have strengthened the game. The post was discouraging at the very least!

Hi Tmjzcd, we are aware of several issues right now, including the ones you mentioned. We did release our 4.6.2 version last week to address some of these issues. If you haven’t updated the App, please give that a try. If that still doesn’t work, go ahead and let us know here, or through MENU, HELP and then “Still need help? Contact Us”.

The Kahuna Questions were given to the Kahuna 10 days or so, and the cutoff for the questions occurred back in mid-July, so there weren’t any questions surrounding these particular issues that he would have answered. Also - although these issues are certainly annoying and frustrating, they are temporary, and the Kahuna tends to address more broad-reaching issues.

Thanks for your post. We definitely recognize that a good number of folks have had a series of issues with gameplay recently, and we’re working to address them all as we find them. Without getting into too much detail (especially since I’m not a techie myself), I can say that there’s a LOT to research. Everything from simple coding mistakes made on our end to changes Facebook has made on their end that we need to update for on our end. Or other things.