The A-Team Could Use A New Team Player!

The A-Team could use 2 new players! We are currently at Platinum Level, but when we have a full dedicated team -We have been at Diamond Level. We are a well rounded group of individuals who play the game often and believe that communication is the key ingredient to making a team work. We know that Real life comes first-we ask for communication and to let us know you are unable to play, what we should expect and then the whole team is able to help pick up the slack. We have a good sense of humor and use the chat board frequently. We love high achievers which most of my team is…but all I ask is that you end the round with 20,000 points minimum (nothing outrageously crazy like some of these other teams). We also play for Tributes, so I just ask that you refresh every now and then to help cool the volcano and keep us a float! If you think you are a good fit, let me know :wink: and I would be happy to have you be a part of our team!!