The 3rd Family looking for a few good players

The 3rd Family is looking for 3-4 active players at reset that can become a member of our family.
New players: Before first idle say hello, 1k, max current CQ (they’re not the hardest), and choose a unique name if Guest.
Requirements: 10k weekly minimum, 100 tribs weekly, 21 hrs max idle, no guests, max CQ and post when maxed, read chat and club notes and respond when appropriate. We are looking for communicators. You don’t have to be chatty but you have to use chat (but you can be chatty if you want, lol).
We have a fun group and would love to add fun-loving, loyal players to our club. We have fun but also have lives and responsibilities. We our currently a Gold club and complete Perks 1-5, and we are looking to hold steady here. You won’t get Goldie but you also won’t get a play 95 games or collect 168 tributes CQ with us.
Once you are a part of our family you won’t be kicked out unless not meeting requirements above.

I’m interested in joining!

I am a daily player and been playing for some time. Usually 15 to 20k. Just want to belong to a group without a lot of demands.

That’s great. Send a request and we’ll accept. It’s The 3rd Family.

Awesome. We are pretty simple, just the requirements listed. Send a request and we’ll accept.

sorry where do I put in request.

Click on your clubhouse, click the Discover tab, in the box type “The 3rd Family” and when our club pops up click on it, then click the Request Join button. You will wait for one of us leaders to accept your request.

I think I would like to join, please - it looks like you still have room, if you’re willing to give me a try.

I think I can meet the requirements… the max idle of 21 hrs certainly hasn’t been an issue lately, but every now and then I may skip a day. I haven’t been playing terribly long, I think I collected a Day 22 log-on reward today though. I like getting that log-in reward, and free coins, so I’m unlikely to skip a day… but, you know… stuff happens sometimes.
I just picked a club at random, and am disappointed with the lackluster participation. I want a club gift, dangit! :smiley:
Oh… what is “CQ”? It’s my first day on the forums - I’ve poked around trying to find an abbreviations list, but no luck yet.

I’m going to hush now, before I talk you out of accepting me with my intro!

CQ is club quest. They are mandatory unless posted as optional. There are 24 hours to complete each CQ unless we complete it early, so we usually get 8-9 CQ per week. I actually think the prizes for our easier CQ are proportionately better than the ones diamond leagues get!

If you want to join go ahead and send a request. Then if you want we can connect on Messenger so Lynn and I can answer questions and even show screenshots of things you’re still figuring out. And if you want to join before reset, just make sure you get 1000 club points and say hi before going idle (current CQ is optional), and you will get the chests for perks 1-5 tonight.

Thank you! I was thinking I would request after reset - although that is a very generous and tempting offer! I don’t know the implications to my current club if I leave now, and it just doesn’t feel “right” to switch just before the reset.
I’m not on Facebook… which is required for Messenger, yes? Is it OK that I’m not on FB?

After reset is fine. I think you need FB to be on Messenger but I’m not sure because when I got my first tablet the first thing I did after setting up gmail was join FB lol. It’s okay that you’re not, it just makes it easier if you have questions hard to answer in chat. But I thought you needed FB to be on this forum; could be wrong though, wouldn’t be the first time.

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Download the Facebook Messenger app, select the “Not on Facebook?” option, and enter your phone number and name. That’s it. You can upload and send photos, videos, start group chats, and use voice and video calling without ever having to sign up for a Facebook account.Jun 24, 2015

Just googled to see if you have to be on FB and it seems not.

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