"Thank You For Playing" Screen Keeps Showing On New Device, Forcing Ads With No Awards!

I just started playing on a new device, and every three to four solitaire hands, a screen comes on, thanking me for playing and forcing me to watch an ad. I wouldn’t mind…IF I got an award/bonus for watching. It’s to the point that I’m ready to dump the app completely!!! If I want to watch the bonus/award ads, I know where to find them!!!

Note: I have an account on another device, and in the year that I’ve played, this has never happened!!!


Welcome @MzQuail
I don’t have the add problem when I play on my Facebook linked acct.
BUT do have it when I play on my non linked acct on a older phone.
Best thing to do would be submit a help ticket threw the game asking them.

Thank you, Tasha! I don’t have the problem on my older Fire tablet. It just occurs on my new Galaxy tablet. I have submitted a help ticket. Hopefully the issue is a simple fix, because I don’t want to stop playing TriPeaks.

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This is happening to me on my Facebook linked account on my older Fire tablet :joy: , please let me know what you find out!

Looks like it’s going to be hard to pinpoint… we have all had different experience @MzQuail with this happening.
Best of luck…

I would also like to know since I use a FB linked account in my Fire tablet. Seems this happens after almost every hand! And many times kicks me out so I have to restart the game. Very annoying.

Just when I thought the forced ad issue was done and gone…they’re back - with a vengence!! I hate the thought of leaving TriPeaks…but the distraction is becoming a real turn-off for me.

I understand the ‘ad’ thing - that they pay for my play - however, the manner in which GSN has these things set up is annoying…especially when they pop up every second or third hand.

I get the ads too on my newer “mini” account. I just double click out of the game and go back in. I’m not wasting time watching an ad with no payout.


I used to think it was just on a non-fb account, but IS doing it now on one that is connected and NOT doing it on another that is connected also. Probably one of those things they “test” on a few players. Used to be every time I first signed in for the day, would see a total of 5 ads…1 after each of the first 5 games played. Now it comes up after every 2-3 games, arbitrarily. Anything they can do to annoy, they will. Really stinks when your daily special reward is 30 min. free play, etc. We’re being timed but have to deal with the stupid ads taking up the clock.

That was happening to me, but it was the settings on my phone. I don’t remember how I got rid of that, but they are gone. now

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So close out of your browser when ad appears… then go back. You won’t have to watch it. Same as when you’re collecting coins by watching ads. Just close out, come right back and it’s gone. Hth

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I’m still in a learning curve with this web site and forum. All of the responses I made to each of you came back as undeliverable. I couldn’t figure out why - until I saw the ‘respond here’ button. Duh!!

Thank you all for your great suggestions!!! I will certainly give them a try!!!

I do have an ongoing issue with the Club Competition and a tablet. Should I address it here, or start a new post??