Texas Paradise wants you!

Are you looking for a laid back group that plays daily? Come check us out! We enjoy fun conversations in chat but don’t expect everyone to be chatty. We ask that you:
Play daily
Participate in club quests
Find tributes
Work as a team
Communicate before idle

We understand life happens, just let us know if you’re going to be too busy for a bit.

We’re a gold level team from all over, that would love your help to move it up a notch. If this sounds like your kind of club, come find us! We’re public… Texas Paradise

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I play everyday 350 plus right now Was recently made leader because ours keep disappearing I do quests and if coins are tight I’ll go back to a cheaper island It’s aggravating when I do my share and no one else does


Hi @Genevieve_Morello!
Come join us in Texas Paradise. We’d love for you to join our club. We’re a public group. Just search for us in the game. :slight_smile:

Interested. Tried of being in groups that get 75% thru a perk on Wed and quit and miss out by close Thursday. Anyway I looked you up and you are full. Let me know if something changes.

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Thanks @Simplyuniquetn might have a spot opening soon. I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Interested. My current club leader went AWOL 90 days ago and club has gone downhill since. You sound like a club I could enjoy and contribute to. I play daily and am a team player. Let me know when you have an opening please.

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@Simplyuniquetn if you haven’t yet found that perfect club for you, Texas Paradise has an opening.

@Meg_Mueller_White did you find the right club for you? Texas Paradise currently has an opening.

Yes, I joined another team but thanks for the heads up.

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