Texas Paradise seeking a few players

Texas Paradise is seeking a few new members.

We are laid back and have no real set limits on play, however, we expect no idling over 48 hours. We expect players to go for tributes and read the message board. We do consider club points, how long you’ve been a member, how often you play, interact, etc before removing. If this sounds like your type of paradise, check us out!

Hi. I’m looking for a change. I don’t chat a lot but I play consistently. I’d like to be in a team that is at least competitive and makes some quests. And, I live in Texas. :blush: Thanks! Rick

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Hi @Rick_Wise we’re a public group. Search “Texas Paradise” in the club section of the game. We’d love to have another Texan join us! We currently have 3 open spots :slightly_smiling_face: