Texas Paradise is searching for you!

Texas Paradise currently has 2 openings. We’re a public team currently gold league looking to move up to platinum. We removed a couple members that haven’t been actively helping the group.

Few rules:
Play daily - let us know if you have life going on and can’t actively play.
Work on same perk as a team
Work on club quests and announce when maxed
Read club notes and chats
Unlock free gifts
Click the thanks button when free gifts are given - these go out every couple of weeks, sometimes more often.

We have a club facebook group as well if you want to chat or give suggestions or just share life in general.

If this sounds like the team for you, come join us and let us know you heard about us in the forum :slight_smile:


Do u still have room for players?


We just recently had 2 openings. I see you’ve already found us :slight_smile:
Welcome to our club!

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