Texas Paradise is looking for fun, friendly, players from all over!

Texas Paradise is a public club looking for a few players. I’m the club leader, look for my profile pic in the team. We ask that everyone plays for tributes and quests, let us know before going idle more than 36 hours. Family comes first, we understand that life happens. We ask that players not join who are only wanting to collect and not play.
We are currently Gold league but wanting to move up. We have recently cleaned out several non-players/coin collectors. Many of our team play very hard with a few still learning the game. If you’d like to join a team that doesn’t require you to chat (but please read the chat) just search us out!


I was in a wood club and was fairly active. My kindle broke and I purchased new one, but the games did not restore. I do not use FB because of hacking problems and not nice people. I cannot find my old club, so am looking for new casual club. I had 23 friends, mostly from my old club.

I play daily, but am not neurotic about it. I read club notes and check the store, but I really do not understand perks. I play for tributes, like quests, but do not like spending money on boosters. I seem to be good at streaks.

I am mature married woman with good sense of humour, but not a big chatter. I am on most social media, but am not active due to health problems.

I am a native Texan, a vegetarian and environmental activist who likes beading, traveling, reading.

My blood type is :wink:

Invites welcome.