Terrible leadership

My leader says she welcomes input when I said I felt it was wrong to boot someone when their doing their best the player I am referring to is waiting for a kidney and did dialysis daily she maxed quests but failed to post t on chat she had been on the team longer then current leader I felt her seniority should have kept her safe till she was feeling better. When I said this I was branded a troublemaker and called out by the team saying I should.mind my on business I guess it’s best to have no input to people like that

Only your leader can say why she really wanted to boot this person. Because we do not normally know each other in real life trust must be built between the leader(s) and players. Do you know for sure the person maxed or that the kidney/dialysis isn’t a hoax? There may have been a history of not making targets, not consistently maxing, not communicating absences, long idles, etc. I think the higher the club, the less tolerant leaders will be and a very competitive team will need players that are reliable. If a player can’t keep up on a regular basis, they would be better in a lower level club that is less demanding. If your club has co-leaders, there is also likely a separate conversation happening in the background. If you find you are in conflict with your leader, you might also be happier in a different club. I have seen very strong players booted due to conflict or ‘drama’. Good leaders will try and create a supportive dynamic among team members for the good of the team. You could try communicating with the leader outside of the game.